A Counterpart || closed

Severine Lefebvre, a graduate psychology student of University of Baltimore, sat in a desolate cafe, looking over a newspaper article, and typing on her laptop. Her glasses hung on the tip of her nose, nearly slipping off her face. Thankfully, they were saved as she pushed them up to her bridge. Her eyes scanned the newspaper, and she would occasionally type something on her computer or write something on a piece of napkin. 

The woman was researching on the now very infamous “Poe Killer.” The Poe Killer had popped up a few months ago with his first murder- the Cask of Amontillado. A woman by the name of Rebecca Frye was found on a wine cellar, dead. After a month and a week, he returned with the Tell Tale Heart Murder. It was only now that the detectives have noticed the references to Edgar Allan Poe’s stories from the murders. With the first murder, they did not have a name for the killer, simply calling him an eerie and peculiar serial killer. Now with the death of Peter Luevano, it was clear; Poe was a literature buff, and a very deranged person.

The truth about the Poe killer was hidden within the walls of the University of Baltimore… Little did the police know that the Poe killer was not really as terrifying as they thought… nor was Poe a man.

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